June 20, 2018

Ft. Lauderdale Family Photographer | Walker Family | Henry Clay Estate – Lexington

I might be a little biased on this one. But they are one of the most beautiful families on the face of the planet. Hands down, bar none, case closed. Why am I biased you might ask? Oh, you know, simply because Hillary happens to be my younger sister… by a mere sixteen months. And we’ve been best friends since… ummm… she was born basically. Of course, we’ve had our sisterly disputes over the years, but it never lasts for more than a few hours. She’s the one that knows exactly what I’m thinking… At. All. Times. We were asked over and over when we were younger if we were twins (probably in no small part that my mom dressed us alike until I was in the fifth grade), but sometimes I think we should have been.

I’ve loved, loved, loved watching Hillary and her husband, Bobby, grow their family. And c’mon… being an auntie is the best job IN THE WORLD!!! So anytime we’re visiting one another, I jump at the chance to update their family photos. Hillary and Bobby, along with their three beautiful kids (Tyler, Alexis, and Miah) are a military family… so they move around. We liked it best when they were just stationed in South Carolina, but then they were taken away to El Paso, TX. And now they’re in HAWAII….. don’t feel bad for them. But before they headed off to paradise for three years, they visited my husband and I for an extended stay and we were SO happy to get to spend so much time with them.

Since their last session was in the dry El Paso heat, we headed out to the lush green gardens of the Henry Clay estate in Lexington. And running through the flowers and fields was just the perfect setting for this sweet, quirky, energetic family. There’s nothing better than capturing those genuine smiles as a family plays. But ugh…. this session means my sister is in Hawaii. Half a world away. I guess that means a trip needs to be planned. Anyone know the best time to book flights to Hawaii? Alooooooooohhhhha!

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