July 20, 2018

Ft. Lauderdale Family Photographer | Salazar Family | Deerfield Beach

Maria and Leo were the very first family we met when we moved to Florida. And shew, has it  been SO nice to have new friends in a place with which we are so unfamiliar. They are so warm and welcoming… just salt of the earth kind of people.

It is pretty inevitable that we’re going to be the best of friends, considering the way we met. Their sweet little Sophie, approaching me at the pool one day, was insisting that I play with her. Don’t worry, Maria was right nearby, so no stranger danger! And if you could hear the sugary sweetness that is Sophie’s voice, you’ll understand that “no” is not an option! We played hide-and-seek for an hour, talked over all things Disney Princess, and decided we would be invited to each other’s birthday parties. Sorry, Maria… Sophie is my best friend. And those cheeks on little Matheo… don’t you just want to bite on ’em?

I was so giddy when they decided to have a little family session at Deerfield Beach! And we couldn’t have had a dreamier, sunset beach session. This little family has captured our heart and we’re so thankful they came into our lives… not to mention they’re only a few buildings down from us!
Ft Lauderdale Photographer

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