August 14, 2019

Fresh 48 | Baby Ezra

Is there anything better than a brand new baby? Maybe only a brand new baby with a head FULL of dark hair.

Y’all know by now that Fresh 48 sessions are my jam. And I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed and wonderful family than Ayana, Oscar, and their daughter Amelia… and of course, brand new baby Ezra. Tiny baby Ezra was a complete surprise to mom and dad, given Ayana is in grad school full time and dad works. With sweet Amelia only 18 months old herself, Ayana and Oscar never anticipated having two girls… so close in age. But, even though she was unexpected, they were over the moon excited to add another girl to the family. Poor Oscar is so severely outnumbered now. The morning after Ezra made her arrival, I shuffled over to Broward Health to snuggle that tiny baby. And, oh yeah, snap a few pictures as well.

As it turns out, Ezra wasn’t quite ready to be apart from Ayana yet. Most of the session was spent in cluster feedings. But this lead to some incredibly sweet moments with Mom and her girls. Amelia climbed right in bed with Ayana to coo over and love on her brand new baby sister. It took a few minutes for Amelia to warm up to me, but once she did, we were even sharing Goldfish.

Oh, and the look of pure joy between a mom and dad after that sweet little thing gets here. Ayana and Oscar were no different. Neither one of them wipe that smile off their face. It was absolutely the sweetest to see Ezra melt into her daddy’s chest after a quick diaper change. Of course, Amelia was always there, keeping an eye on things. This little thing has no idea how much she’s already loved and adored. Welcome to the world, Baby Ezra. You’re a lucky, lucky girl.

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